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New DaFang Transporter, A Solution to Turn Mass Into Motion

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Zhengzhou New Dafang Heavy Industries & Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech & innovative enterprise specializing in designing and making heavy engineering & machinery. With technical innovation, New Dafang has successfully designed & manufactured a series of important engineering construction & fabrication equipment with independent intellectual property rights in the fields of express highway, railway express, hydraulic engineering, magnetic suspension expressway, shipyard, harbor construction, and military engineering. New Dafang has attained more than 20 national patents, created over 10 Chinese first products, and filled in over 20 national gaps. All above mentioned makes our technology and products are in the leading position on heavy fabrication equipment in China. Some of New DaFang‘s technology and equipment are also leading worldwide.

New DaFang’s advanced technology has greatly improved its core competition. Besides hundreds of equipments used in domestic china such as CSSC, CSIC, Hudong-China shipyard.Jiangnan shipyard, Jiangsu Oriental heavy Industry, Keppel Nantong Shipyard Tsuneishi China shipyard, Qinshen Railway project, Shanghai Magnetically Levitated Express Train Project, Shanghai Tunnel, Hongkong Stonecutters Bridge Project, Guangzhou Huangpu Bridge Project etc. What’s more, Dafang transporters, with its reliability and competitive price as well as experienced service team, have successfully exported over 30 units to overseas countries and region such as South Korea, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Euro, ranging from 125t to 1000t.

New Dafang Group, a solution to turn mass into motion, is the best partner you may ever found.