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JERRYWON Tries to Provide Best Compressor Solutions for Energy Industry

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Beijing JERRYWON Energy Equipment Manufacturing Corporation will continue to cooperate with cippeBeijing2013 to exhibit more new compressor equipments and technology on cippe2013, according to the organizing committee of cippe.

Founded in 1998, JERRYWON, doing natural gas compressor business as core activity, specialized in energy industry, is a comprehensive enterprise combining compressor supporting, skid-mounted unit, storage for all kinds of spare parts of natural gas compressor, shipping and maintenance for compressor unit, and other repair and maintenance services.

As the first member in China of Gas Machinery Research Council and one of the first-tier suppliers of CNPC, JERRYWON has obtained the API Certificate issued by American Petroleum Institute (API), General Mechanical Product (Natural Gas Compressor) Certificate, Quality Management System Certificate (ISO9001-2008) and Environmental Management System Certificate (ISO14001-2004). By means of specified process flow and impeccable quality control system, JERRYWON ensures each unit provided for the users conforming to the excellent performance index.

JERRYWON has provided nearly 200 natural gas compressor units for the domestic major oil and gas field projects (such as natural gas storage, well head gathering & delivery, gas-lift production and CBM projects) developed by CNPC West-East Gas Pipeline Company, CNPC Changqing Oilfield Company, Great Wall Drilling Company, CNPC Jidong Oilfield Company, CNPC Huabei Oilfield Company, CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Company and CNPC Xibu Drilling Engineering Company.

The product family of JERRYWON includes the split electric, gas compressor unit and integral compressor unit with the maximum power reaching 9000 Hp (6711 Kw). Inspected by the market for 15 years, the JERRYWON natural gas compressor unit has obtained the unanimous recognition and praise from the domestic major oil and gas field users due to the stable performance and perfect after-sale service. At present, JERRYWON has become the unique authorized unit distributor of Cameron in China. Based on China’s oil and gas industry, JERRYWON takes a look at the global energy field. The business has been extended to the international markets such as the Middle East Market and the Russian Market.