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15 2020-07

Oil prices stabilize as OPEC compliance eases U.S. demand fears

NEW YORK (Bloomberg) --Crude futures in New York rose in tandem with a broader recovery in equities markets, as initial signs that OPEC members intend to comply with promised oil-production .........

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05 2020-06

Oil price slide continues on OPEC+ strife, questionable demand data

SINGAPORE (Bloomberg) - Oil retreated from a three-month high as OPEC+ unity was threatened by a long-running feud over complying with production cutbacks, while U.S. data cast doubt on the .........

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03 2020-06

Shale’s reawakening begins as oil holds above $30

HOUSTON (Bloomberg) - Early signs of a shale rebound are becoming evident as crude prices emerge from their dramatic collapse earlier this year. EOG Resources Inc., Americas largest shale-fo.........

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01 2020-06

Saudis focus oil shipments on China during production cuts

LONDON (Bloomberg) --An early look at Saudi Arabias crude exports for May shows that historic production cuts have done little to squelch the kingdoms flood of oil to China, which is just ge.........

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28 2020-05

Ghana reconsiders oil’s role in its economy as prices fall

ACCRA (Bloomberg) - The global slump in crude prices is giving Ghana a chance to rethink its dependence on a sector that was its key driver of economic growth in recent years. Hit by the dou.........

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27 2020-05

Oil prices climb on prediction of swift demand rebalance

SINGAPORE (Bloomberg) - Oil rose above $34/bbl, following a prediction from Russia that the market may rebalance as early as next month due to historic output cuts from global producers. Rus.........

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26 2020-05

IEA chief says low oil prices will take demand beyond pre-crisis highs

LONDON (Bloomberg) --Global oil consumption hasnt peaked, the head of the International Energy Agency warned, throwing cold water on hopes the coronavirus will cap demand and reduce climate-.........

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25 2020-05

Swift production declines may keep shale operators on oil rebound’s sidelines

HOUSTON (Bloomberg) --Oil prices have surged more than 75% in the U.S. this month. But dont expect a quick rebound in supply from shale explorers. The quick turnaround in oil markets is expo.........

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22 2020-05

Libyan oil uncertainty grows as crippling civil war drags on

CAIRO (Bloomberg) - The revival of Libyas oil industry looks even less certain following recent setbacks suffered by Khalifa Haftar, the commander trying to take over the last swaths of the .........

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21 2020-05

Alaskan and Canadian oil finds new Chinese buyers as their economy restarts

CALGARY (Bloomberg) - Canadian and Alaskan crude that normally travels to the U.S. West Coast is finding a market in China, where demand is almost back to pre-pandemic levels. The Sofia beca.........

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19 2020-05

Oil highest since March as Chinese demand reaches 13 MMbpd

SINGAPORE (Bloomberg) - Oil rose to close at its highest in two months as demand in China returned to near pre-virus level and output curbs continued in the U.S. and elsewhere. Futures in Ne.........

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18 2020-05

U.S. shale’s quick response to falling oil prices is paying off

CALGARY (Bloomberg) --In brokering the end to the global oil-price war last month, the Trump administration assured leaders that Americas shale patch would throttle back production. But few .........

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15 2020-05

China paying a premium for select crudes illustrates demand’s return

(Bloomberg) --For a sneak peek at the return of Chinese oil demand, look no further than the rebound in price of the nations favorite grades. In the last few days a Chinese state-owned refin.........

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06 2020-05

Oil at $30 may be enough to revive shale activity, say drillers

HOUSTON (Bloomberg) --A pair of prominent shale producers said all they need is oil around $30 a barrel to consider bringing back curtailed crude output and fracing new wells. Diamondback En.........

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30 2020-04

Ample storage and a recovering China insulate Petrobras from the oil glut

RIO DE JANEIRO (Bloomberg) --Petrobras, Brazils state-controlled oil giant, is plowing through a global oil glut expecting that exports to China will soon rebound, and with extensive storage.........

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